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Friday, February 15, 2013

Professional Photographers of America PPA Imaging USA 2013

I'm a fairly new Professional Photographers of America (PPA) member, and one of the member perks are you are invited to attend their yearly convention, Imaging USA.  (The first year you even get to attend for free, woot!)  This year it was held January 20-22 in Atlanta, Georgia, and since my hubby will not fly, we could drive there.  So this year, WE WENT!  The two of us packed our notebooks, cameras and clothes for cooler weather.  It got down in the 40s and 30s, so we packed our gloves, scarfs and thick jackets.  Us Florida folk don't do cold so well, so we came prepared.  Lol.  Soooo glad we did or we would have been popsicles.  Anyway, the main point of Imaging USA is to gather with professional photographers of like mind, always trying to better yourself and your skill and to learn new things and network.  Plus there is an expo with all TONS of camera and lighting equipment, plus album and print companies, designer software, props, etc.  Its really cool because you get to try out and compare the equipment, and see what products different companies have to offer.  Plus there's usually a little discount on all the items if you purchase them at the expo, SWEET!  This was definitely something I enjoyed.  I was recently shopping around for a new camera lens and was able to try all the different company's options and figure out which one I love best.  Glad I did because I ended up liking another lens better than the one I was originally going to buy online prior to the expo.  Looking around at all the different products gave me some interesting ideas of new items to offer for my clients.  Then of course another huge benefit of Imaging USA is all the classes.  There is so much knowledge you pick up.  Its so great just listening to other photographers talk about their past experiences and how they overcame certain obstacles and then some amazing tips on getting clients to be more relaxed during their portrait session as well as lighting and posing ideas.  I personally loved the classes on weddings and getting cool and different lighting.  One of my qualities that adds to my style as a photographer is lighting.  I LOVE it!  I bring along lights to all my portrait sessions and weddings.  Natural light is ok, and good to use when its available, but you do not always have that luxury.  What do you do when its extremely bright out and makes everyone look terrible (you know squinty raccoon eyes)?  Or how about getting really romantic mood lighting.  Or sometimes you're stuck with hideous tacky lights at some reception halls.  So I love learning about lighting tricks and how to make my images really stand out from everyone else.  Some of my favorite photographers who had classes were Dave and Quin Cheung from DQ Studio (they happen to be a husband and wife team just like us), and also Scott Robert Lim.  They both have awesome images and really work their lighting to get WOW images.  Totally my kinda thing.  I also took some classes on how to connect with small children and babies to really help make the best out of their portrait session.  There's some very easy but significant tips that can really help ease a newborn or make a little kid happy even when they might not really want to be photographed.  I really enjoyed a class on Newborn Photography by Julia Kelleher, and also a class on interesting group posing by Greg and Lesa Daniel (another husband and wife team).  So overall, Nick and I had a blast at our three day Imaging USA Convention and learned a lot.  Not to mention picked up a new lens and some kick a$$ lighting equipment.  Ive already used them and am sooooo in love with them.

Here's just a few snapshots we took during our stay.  Sorry the quality of the images are not so great.  These were all taken with our camera phones.

Oooo, the Expo.Everyone super excited and waiting to get into the Expo.
Pretty Atlanta skyline. 

My new lens!
Dave & Quin of DQ Studios.
Creepy looooong escalator to the Marta.
Taken by Sarah Esther Photography.
The amazing band at the Opening Party.  Taken by Sarah Esther Photography.
Booth at Expo.  Taken by random person at Imaging USA.  Lol.

The Munoz brothers, awesome wedding photographers.  Taken by random person.

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