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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo of the Month - March 2010

For this month's "Photo of the Month", I just couldn't narrow it down to only one image.  But I am a lil bias to this month's subject matter.  This happens to be my cutie lil baby, Riley.  He's the newest kitty to join our family.  After a recent passing of another baby, Remy, I was extremely bummed and missing a kitty friend.  This cutie Riley was at an animal shelter.  We noticed he had no tail at all, which I am partial to, since Remy and 2 of our other cats only have little bobtails.  I picked up Riley and started crying since he reminded me of Remy, and he immediately started licking my tears away.  It was instant love.  So that's how we ended up with Riley.  These are some of his ummm, 'modeling' images.  Haha.  He just sat there perfectly while I snapped away.  Isn't he just cute?!?!

Haha, this one just cracks me up.  Don't be scared, he was only yawning.  I can even see a little hair that was stuck on his mouth.

Riley's shelter was Please support them.  They have tons of lovable cats and dogs there.


Anonymous said...

Too cute ♥ and a natural congrats to your new model and new family member ☺ ~ Samm Stein

Atlantic Arts Photography said...

Aww, congrats on your new addition! Cutie pie.

L said...

Great shots