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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Wedding Photos! - Viscaya Miami

I was known by my friends as the "Hurricane Bride".  Actually the news had traveled and people I didn't even know were calling me that.  If it came up in conversation they would say "That was you?"  Haha.  You see my hubby and I were married in September of 2004, when hurricane after hurricane kept coming right at Florida.  We ended up having 4 different wedding dates.  The original date was set for Sept 4, then changed to Sept 12, then to Sept 26, and finally the actual date was Sept 25.  Sadly we had to rearrange, cancel and do things differently than originally planned for our wedding.  Thus we really didn't get to have amazing wedding images like I would have wanted.  So last year for our anniversary, my hubby and I decided to get our wedding outfits back on and get some great images of ourselves that we could be proud to frame.  We went to gorgeous Viscaya down in South Miami.  I have two other employees that work with me, they happen to be my husband and mother.  So all of these photos were taken by my other photographer Diane McBride, my mother.  I helped out with the posing and such and then added my own spin to the images with my touch ups.  I'm thrilled with the outcome and even have one huge 16x20 framed in our living room, plus smaller prints of the other ones around.  I thought I'd share them with everyone.  It's not everyday you get to see a professional image of the professional photographer.  Haha.  Thanks for viewing!

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

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