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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo of the Month - July 2009

Since blogging is a fairly new concept (very new to me since I just got into it), I was not able to post tons of cool images while I was creating them. So in the beginning of each month, I'm going to pick one of my favorite images I've photographed in the past and blog about it. It's only July 2nd, so I'm not far behind. Let's hope I can keep up with this!

This image was done back a few years while I was in college (probably in 2004?). Being a photography major, we always had to be shooting something. The 'model' here is actually one of my best friends, Simone, in her bridesmaid dress for MY wedding. We had recently picked up the dresses and I decided I would dress her up in it, put a ton of makeup on her, and do some dramatic black&white images. Yes, this was back in the film days (gasp!) so I was using black&white film (later put onto a CD). I used one main hot lamp for my light source, and afterwards over developed the film during the process (we had to develop the film ourselves) to give it that very high contrast, dramatic look. The images turned out very cool and she looks super hot in them. We both loved them (and so did the professor)!

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