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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Planning : 7 Wedding Disasters & How to Avoid Them


Wedding Disaster: It’s raining on your wedding day.
Even in your most demanding bridezilla moment, you can’t fight the weather -- but you can plan ahead. If you have your heart set on an outdoor venue, rent a tent or ask about additional space indoors. It may cost you extra, you won’t be stressed when you’re finally ready to say “I do.”
Wedding Disaster: You wake up with a pimple.
Do not pick your face! If you have acne-prone skin, speak to your dermatologist about his or her availability on your wedding day (some dermatologists have weekend hours). Most likely, a shot of saline or cortisone will clear up your breakout. If your doctor is unavailable, try a cold compress to bring down the swelling and keep a bottle of Visine handy. This super-secret modeling trick will reduce the redness and minimize minor acne breakouts.
Wedding Disaster: You cry during the ceremony and ruin your makeup.
Nobody said the price of beauty is cheap, so if you have the funds, consider having your makeup artist on standby until the reception for a quick touch-up. If that’s not in your budget, you can always request waterproof and smudge-resistant cosmetics or shoot most of your pictures before the ceremony to ensure that you look your best.


Wedding Disaster: The entertainment cancels or doesn’t show up.
Don’t assume because you’ve signed on the dotted line that you’re in the clear. Accidents do happen -- one groom recently told us that the band got in a car accident on their way to the reception so his groomsmen raided a nearby Best Buy in search of CD players and music to entertain guests. Even if your contract is ironclad, make sure you have a backup plan in place. Ask your bridal party to bring their iPods, a laptop, and speakers just in case a disaster does occur. Better to be prepared than stuck in a jam.
Wedding Disaster: Your cake starts to melt.
It doesn’t matter what kind of cake you have -- heat and sweet are never a good combo! Too many times, couples feel that since they paid a lot for their wedding cake, they’re entitled to show it off. Unfortunately, hot weather or a warm room can turn a big unveiling into a sticky-sweet mess. Speak to your caterer and request that your cake be left in the fridge or a cool spot until after dinner.
Wedding Disaster: You get a stain on your dress.
Uncle Bob spills some of his red wine on your dress and suddenly your entire wedding day is ruined. Okay, maybe not ruined, but it definitely can put a damper on things. Plan ahead -- ask your dry cleaner for advice and tips on spot-treating your gown. Most likely your dress material will dictate how to remedy it.  Keep Tide-wipes to try and get out some of the stain.  Then apply baby powder or chalk to try and cover over afterwards.  


Wedding Disaster: The weather is bad.
Most airlines, resorts, and travel agencies will not refund your honeymoon if you have bad weather or natural disasters on your trip. While earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, and freak showers are impossible to plan for, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and blizzards are all seasonal phenomena that can be avoided if you plan carefully. It’s always helpful to book somewhere that isn’t exclusively focused on a single outdoor activity so you have more than one option if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse.
Wedding Disaster: One of you gets sick.
You can’t really plan ahead for a sudden illness, but you can do your research and make sure you’re not left unprepared in the instance that you or your groom find yourself feeling ill. Double-check with your travel agent to make sure your resort has a doctor on call for guests. Your insurance card will be useless outside the US, so think of padding your honeymoon budget to cover basic costs like a doctor’s visit or antibiotics.

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