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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo of the Month - June 2010

Ok, well sorry for skipping a month, I've been sooo busy with portrait sessions, print orders and meetings with brides, that I forget just to show off some of my everyday photos just for me.  For this month I'm going to show off my newest baby, Rocky.  He's very special to me.  My favorite cat Remy who passed about a year ago had the personality of a dog, and was like my best friend.  Since then I've been missing something.  It was time for our family to grow and add a dog.  I browsed online at various animal shelters and learned about different breeds to find my perfect fit.  I didn't want a huge dog that would weigh more than me, haha, but my hubby didn't really want a teeny lap dog either since he likes to go outdoors and wanted a runner.  I had a few dogs lined up to meet, but when I found Rocky online, something inside me just knew I wanted him.  The first time we meet he ran over to my husband and I, licked us, stayed by our sides while we visited, and wanted to go with us when we were leaving.  I just knew, it was love at first sight.  The first night be got him we went to the beach and had a blast.  We've had him about 6 months now and we're so in love.  He's by my side when I'm working on the computer (he's here right now as I type this), loves his walks, is buddies with our cats, so well behaved and loving.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog.  We took him to some training classes and he can do tricks, walk with us without his leash, knows commands, and is great with other people, kids and animals (although he does seem to prefer the ladies over the guys, haha).  He is just so wonderful and has made my life happier.  And he happens to be part pitbull, so for all of you that think pitbulls are "dangerous", you have got to be kidding me. Any dog can be as sweet as you train them to be, or if you're a jerk and train your dog to be mean, then any dog can be mean too.  I'm actually going to use Rocky this year for the Pinups for Pitbulls 2011 calendar submissions.  I'm excited!  Well here is a portrait of Rocky I took while I had my backdrop out for another session earlier in the day and of course wanted to get some portraits of my new child, so decided to do a session with him while my equipment was setup.  This image happens to be my favorite from his lil mini session.  So I proudly introduce you to Rocky.   :)

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honey_baby said...

Lovely photo! Nice work...gotta love the pitties.