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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photo of the Month - December 2009

This photo of the month is a tad late. Oops! December has been a CRAZY busy month for me. Everyone craving new family portraits before the year is over. I've been so involved in them that it totally slipped my mind for December's Photo of the Month. Anyway, I came across this cool photo I took of my hubby and decided to use it. He's a hardcore mountain biker and was bugging me about getting some images of him jumping. So one day I went with him to the park, waited by one of the jumps, and snapped a few shots. This one was my favorite. The park has trees and foliage everywhere, but this spot had some cool sunlight coming in. Plus he's making his 'bike' face, we call it, when he's concentrating on his jump. Haha.

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L said...

Nice shot!