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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photo of the Month - October 2009

I'm a Floridian and proud of it. The thought of living in snow doesn't settle well with me. Lol. And to make it even better, I live in east Florida, pretty close to the beach. One thing I don't think we take advantage of enough is Florida's amazing sunrises and sunsets. So this photo is just that. My hubby and I went over to Stuart Beach, right by the Refuge House and watched the sunset. It was pretty awesome that day. Colors vibrant and clear, just enough clouds to add some more depth. And I just LUV that lens flair the sun is creating here in this image. Ahhh, makes me want to grab my sunscreen and a MaiTai. Haha!


Tarin said...

awesome! alicia just took some engagement pictures of us there last week!

Captured Memories Photography said...

Haha, I know. I recognized the place when I saw your photos. Lots of people get married there right on the sand by the House of Refuge.