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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Little About Me.....

Well now I figured I'd give you a brief bio on myself and how I got into photography. As far back as I can remember, I was always into artsy things. My parents would buy me the neatest art toys. That was my hobby. I was always drawing, making something, taking photos with my little point&shoot camera, you get the drift. So I always took art classes in school as well. In high school I signed up for a photography class, and that really did it. I was hooked. It was something I loved to do, plus had a talent for. I continued to take more photography classes in high school, and continued with it in college, making that my major. So I am proud to say that I have my Bachelor in Fine Arts specializing in Photography. Ta-da! Since photography is what I love to do, I have made it into my career. Who wouldn't love being part of those special moments, watching people in love interact, watching a child do something new, bringing someone out of their shell to make some amazing and sexy portraits. I've had fun and wonderful experiences, and have had the privilege to photograph some very sweet, interesting and funny people. Some of them which I still keep in contact with today, and am still photographing. Will you be next? ;)


Koontz Photography said...

So what skills and tricks do you learn in college when you major in photography? Do you still have to take all the basic classes like English and Math? I was thinking of going back to college in the future just to take some photography and business classes

Captured Memories Photography said...

Haha, yeah, they still make you take the same ol math, science, english and all that. But tons of art classes as well. And those of course are super fun and you learn from them. It's great too because you really get to be creative and learn what you're best at artistically. You get feedback from classmates and professors. Plus back then, I got lots of experience before having to photography in the 'real world'.